chapter 02

The Family

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chapter 02

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  • chapter 02

    Jean Louis Malard

    Born in Epernay, Jean Louis Malard was born in the Champagne region and grew up surrounded by its famous fizz. There was only one other passion – rugby – which could lure him away from the world of wine however he returned to Champagne in 1996 to become a wine merchant and launch his own brand. In the 20 or so years he has been in business he has conquered the French market and is now setting his sights on the international market. However his roots are, and always will be, in the champagne region and he prides himself on the relationship he has forged with his winegrowing partners.

  • chapter 02

    Antoine Malard

    Antoine Malard joined the family company as a student to learn about marketing champagne in the different distribution circuits. He was manager of the Chez Georges wine bar in Epernay until the end of 2015 and today runs his own company which he set up in 2016. He is the sole representative of Maison Malard in the Champagne Ardennes region.

  • chapter 02

    Charles Malard

    Having learnt everything there is to know about vinification and making champagne, Charles Malard now represents Maison Malard in the Paris restaurant industry and is currently helping to develop the brand on the export market.

  • chapter 02

    Constance Malard

    After having perfected the different marketing techniques during his studies. Constance Malard now takes care of the customer reception.

  • chapter 02

    Louise Malard

    Still a student, Louise Malard is perfecting various marketing, marketing and communication techniques. She also brings her insipiration and help on the diffusions (Instagram, Facebook …)

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